Columbit New Zealand

Columbit is a dynamic company, marketing, selling and servicing products and equipment to the wine, food and beverage industry in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The company has seventy two years experience in these industries and prides itself on honesty, integrity, good value and excellent technical backup.

Columbit is established in the New Zealand market as a value added supplier of high quality ingredients and equipment to the food and beverage industries. This includes a range of commercial baking solutions, offered to independent and supermarket bakeries, pastry chefs, restaurants, hotels and the food processing industry.


Bakery Bread Pans
Bakery Flat Trays
Bakery Cooling Wires
Bakery Muffin Trays
Baguette Trays
Hamburger Trays
Pie Trays
Single Pie Tins
Single Pans

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